New GTA 5 Updates Coming Soon, Nothing Single Player Related

By   /   May 9, 2016
new gta 5 updates

If you’re already wanting more content for Grand Theft Auto Online, you won’t have long to wait: Rockstar Games has said that new GTA 5 updates are coming soon, bringing updates for game modes such as In and Out and Executives and Other Criminals.

In Executives and Other Criminals, you can now take your criminal organization into new markets as you dive into the lucrative and dangerous world of contraband trafficking. You can now buy various properties that you can run your “business” from, and buy warehouses to store your ill-gotten merchandise before you sell it off to a buyer.

With these warehouses you can sell anything from priceless jewels to narcotics, while also having to be watchful for raids on your stockpiles from other players.

The updates will also be bringing us new stunt-capable vehicles. These will allow you to have new, fast-paced races to use on customized Creator tracks, which have gotten a whole mess of new props for you to work with.

The new GTA 5 updates will also be including new Adversary Modes like In and Out and others. In and Out will be getting new map locations for you to play on, and there are also more bonus weeks on the way for you to play to get double RP and more money.

Rockstar has been very good at getting out new game modes in order to keep Grand Theft Auto Online a relatively fresh experience, and hopefully with these new GTA 5 updates we’ll be seeing even more cool stuff available than before.

Adding that to the rumors of upcoming story DLC along the lines of the Grand Theft Auto 4 DLCs like “The Ballad of Gay Tony” and “The Lost and the Damned,” and Rockstar seems to have a pretty good lineup for Grand Theft Auto 5 that will keep it going into the foreseeable future.

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