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Heroes Of The Storm Ranked Play Overhaul Coming in June

Fans of the beloved Heroes Of The Storm will be happy to know that Blizzard has announced that Heroes Of The Storm ranked play will be completely overhauled in mid-June and a lot of exciting changes and features will be brought to the game for the first ranked season.

The announcement was made by Blizzard through their official website

Once the ranked system is overhauled, the tier and division system will classify players according to their skill level and also on the basis of how close the player is to be promoted or demoted to the next or previous tier.

Master is a top tier class, and after the adjustments this class will display players rank differently. The Master will have a badge which will display all the rank points earned in that season`s master league. Grand Masters are the top 500 point earners in a specific region and they are also known as Master League members, their badge will display their rank and will be updated daily.

This new tier system will let players of the same league tier join together as a party for Hero League Matches. Once the season starts, players will have to play placement matches first, which will determine where the players will be ranked. Only those players who participated in placement matches will be able to form a party with other players who also participated in placement matches.

Those players who are under a silence penalty for bad behavior will not be able to join Hero League until the penalty time is done. Season will conclude with amazing rewards, as the developers promised, and these rewards can be doubled for those players who participate in both Team and Hero League.

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