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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Trophy List Surfaces Online

Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC is going to be released in exactly 10 days from now, and since the game is still being played like crazy, people would want to know what else is going to keep them busy. Well, at least the water-based expansion is going to bring you 10 new trophies to unlock.

The complete list of trophies has surfaced online before the release of the downloadable content pack and shows you the names of five quests that you are going to get in the game – there is one trophy for completing each.

Moving on, it also tells you that there will be at least 30 sea creatures, 20 new locations and three Far Harbor Workshop locations.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Trophies List

  • Far From Home (Bronze) – Complete the quest “Far From Home”
  • Where You Belong (Bronze) – Complete the quest “Where You Belong”
  • The Way Life Should Be (Bronze) – Complete the quest “The Way Life Should Be”
  • Cleansing The Land (Bronze) – Complete the quest “Cleansing the Land”
  • Close To Home (Silver) – Complete the quest “Close to Home”
  • The Islander’s Almanac (Bronze) – Collect all issues of “The Islander’s Almanac” magazine
  • Hooked (Bronze) – Defeat 30 Far Harbor Sea Creatures
  • New England Vactioner (Bronze) – Discover 20 Far Harbor Locations
  • Push Back The Fog (Bronze) – Unlock 3 Far Harbor Workshop Locations
  • Just Add Saltwater (Bronze) – Cook One of the New Far Harbor Recipes

If you haven’t been in touch with Fallout 4 related news, here’s an official trailer of the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC which will get you ready for the sea life after apocalypse.

Also, there are going to be other downloadable content packs for the game that will be released after Far Harbor, this much has been confirmed by Pete Hines, the head of marketing and PR at Bethesda Softworks.