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Reasons for WWI Setting of Battlefield 1, Zeppelins, Realistic Depiction Discussed

Battlefield 1 was announced with a bang so strong that it painfully took a large chunk of attention that would have otherwise been directed to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. However, the setting of the game itself is worthy of that, we are talking about the Great War after all.

Patrick Soderlund, the executive vice president of EA Studios, was interviewed after the game’s reveal where he has talked about a number of interesting things.

Battlefield 1 Setting, Reasons, Vehicles Discussed

First of all, he has explained about WWI being chosen as the game’s setting. He says that the idea had once been rejected by Soderlund himself before he was given an incredible pitch by Stefan Strandberg, the director on the game.

Basically, you went from swinging swords from the back of a horse in 1914 to flying bomber planes and tanks and submarines in 1918. The technical revolution or evolution during those four years is probably unmatched in the history of mankind. That, coupled with, it being the Great War, a global war that was everywhere, gave us locations that were different – and slowly pieces started to fall together.

This was combined with the possibilities of melee combat that one would get in that era which was another thing the developers wanted to focus on. However, not everything was nice and easy for them, putting horses inside the game was one of the toughest jobs, he says.

While discussing other era-specific things, Zeppelins were also mentioned. He says that “some of the biggest leaps in the game” have been taken in terms of vehicles, like horses and the biggest ships they have ever had in Battlefield. He says that “The Zeppelin is also part of that vehicle series.”

Last but not the least is the question everyone is interested in asking. How realistic will DICE be in the depiction of the WWI era in Battlefield 1?

Soderlund says that it will be “as fast-paced,” or “maybe even more fast-paced, than Battlefield 4.” Which means the Great War is going to be depicted with “a modern lens.” However, there are a number of areas where they have tried to stay true to history:

It’s a game after all, let’s not kid ourselves, so it has to be great and fun to play but we want to stay authentic with the vehicles we have… the weapons, there’s no fake stuff in there. Everything did happen – maybe there weren’t 5000 units produced [laughs] and they were experimental, but we’re cool with that and it’s true to the era.

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