Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Missions and Achievement List Leaked

By   /   May 9, 2016
Battlefield 1 Setting Concerned EA

Last Friday the internet melted when Battlefield 1 was revealed, and soon after the reveal a leak emerged on the internet which pointed out that Battlefield 1 has only six single player missions. Now Battlefield 1 achievement list have also been leaked that confirms this along with other minor information.

The leaked Battlefield 1 achievement list comes from txt231, who also leaked the information that Battlefield has only six missions along with their names. This achievement list kind of confirms that Battlefield 1 has six missions, but it is a rumor and there is a high probability that these rumors could be fake or false.

There are certain achievements in the list that reveal some details about  the game. According to the leak some achievements are unlocked by completing multiplayer missions. What catches our attention is the mention of multiplayer missions, and we can speculate that Battlefield 1 will feature co-op in MP where you and your team may have to complete certain tasks or challenges.

Battlefield 1 multiplayer missions would be an interesting and fresh feature for the series.

Leaked Battlefield 1 achievement list can be seen below:

Play the Objective
As a Squad Leader, complete 1 objective in multiplayer.

All challenges
Complete all challenges.

All code books
Find all code books.

Assult Enlistment
Complete all Assult Missions in multiplayer.

Medic Enlistment
Complete all Medic Missions in multiplayer.

Scout Enlistment
Complete all Scout Missions in multiplayer.

Support Enlistment
Complete all Support Missions in multiplayer.

Receive a Medal in multiplayer.

Episode 1, 100%
Unlock all codex entries in Friends in high places.

Episode 2, 100%
Unlock all codex entries in Nothing is written.

Episode 3, 100%
Unlock all codex entries in Through mud and blood.

Episode 4, 100%
Unlock all codex entries in Avanti Savoia!.

Episode 5, 100%
Unlock all codex entries in The Runner.

Episode 6, 100%
Unlock all codex entries in Epilogue.

Skill event 4
Skill event 4

Skill event 5
Skill event 5

Reach Rank 10 in multiplayer.

Using a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Recon player in multiplayer.

Episode 1
Complete Friends in high places.

Episode 2
Complete Nothing is written.

Episode 3
Complete Through mud and blood.

Episode 4
Complete Avanti Savoia!

Episode 5
Complete The Runner.

Episode 6
Complete Epilogue.

One challenge
Complete one challenge.

One code book
Find one code book.

Win 1 Operation in multiplayer.

Skill event 1
Skill event 1

Skill event 2
Skill event 2

Skill event 3
Skill event 3

War Bonds
Purchase a primary weapon in multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter set in world war 1 and releases on October 21, 2016 for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

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