These Video Games Use Human Body as a Controller

Since day one we have been stuck with joysticks or other forms of controllers to play our video games although people have been trying since the a good long while to replace them with alternatives.

Not that alternative controlling methods have been a huge success so far, but thanks to gadgets like Kinect and Wii Remote we have a few good games that use the human body as a controller.

In the video above, we have discussed seven such video games that are worthy of being mentioned for thinking out of the box at least. We have talked about the games below as well, but watch the video for full details.

Whether you are using silhouettes of your own hands to unearth hidden meanings aboard an empty space station in Aboard The Looking Glass or dancing to the tunes of numerous songs on a dance pad to navigate in a dungeon crawler named Crypt of the Necrodancer, these are some games you might want to try.

If moving to the music is not your cup of tea, maybe you’d prefer a game like Nevermind which is a horror-esque title that gets harder as your heartbeat gets faster – can you control your anxiety?

Stargazers could find home with Irrational Exuberance, a game that uses a head tracking VR display to follow your eyes as you go through a space like environment.

On to some of the more fun titles, Oculus Rift and PlayStation Move combined let you play Awkward Ellie where you learn how to drink with your trunk like an elephant – for real.

However, if you had liked the idea of Nevermind (above) you might also like Deep, a game based on meditation and ancient yoga techniques (no kidding), that is controlled solely by your breathing. The game is designed to calm and soothe you.

The last game is probably the most interesting, this one is called Throwing Trucks With Your Mind and it very ambitiously tries to do what humans have been trying to do for a long time – controlling things with your mind. It uses an EEG device too let you throw things around!

While that is all for this time, come back later to watch another one of our takes on hte video games industry.