Lawbreakers Director CliffyB Slams Grinding in Game Progression

Lawbreakers is doing a number of things differently; for instance, CliffyB (Cliff Bleszinski, the game director) says it will need as much as 16GB of RAM and the fact that they are aiming for an adult only rating on the game. However, Boss Key Productions will hopefully do the game’s progression system better as well.

We say that because Bleszinski is not a huge fan of the massive grinding element that is common in most of FPS games these days.

He equated the infamous grind all of us have been through in shooter games to a rat being on a treadmill. Clearly, he is not content with the way these games (read Destiny) are going about the progression systems.

He was discussing his upcoming first person shooter as well as the genre in general when the topic of progression systems came up:

A lot of them are great, but one of the big things I’ve seen as a trend is the grind. There’s this whole thing where you have to get your levels up and you kind of feel like a rat on a treadmill or something. For us, we’re thinking about the verbs that we have in this game. What are you doing moment to moment? Is it going to be fun? Is it going to resonate with people? Then we’ll figure out how we’re going to expand and [keep players coming back].

What we are hoping in light of this is that CliffyB would work and improve this aspect, maybe use Lawbreakers as an example for the rest.

What is your take on this, and the approach that Boss Key Productions is taking for Lawbreakers? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, Examiner.