Entire Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Details; Bayonets, Horses, Two Seater Planes Included

By   /   May 7, 2016
Battlefield 1 Setting Concerned EA

The new Battlefield has finally been revealed and no, it is not named Battlefield 5 or Battlefield Armageddon. The game is called Battlefield 1; and for being related to the World War 1 era, that sounds creative. Because the Battlefield 1 multiplayer takes you back to the old school warfare like it is supposed to.

According to the details that we have collected from all cross the stream as well as elsewhere, there are a number of things DICE should be given the props for. The reveal trailer from a couple of hours ago has surely made an impression just like the awe-inspiring teaser.

The game is already available for preorders, so we thought it would be the right time to discuss everything we know about the multiplayer.

Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Details

For starters, people who have been able to look deeper at the multiplayer say that the developers did not exaggerate a lot in the reveal trailer – the gameplay is going to look similar.

Moving on, there are going to be old Battlefield styled large maps; at least one of the maps mentioned was huge to say the least.

We know that the game mashes up air, land and sea combat in a very WW1-esque style. Some people might think that this could mean they will give some level of importance to each aspect but it looks like they are focusing every bit on each component.

For instance, DICE is boasting of a range of air options for the players like dogfights, strafing runs, bombing runs and so on in the Battlefield 1 multiplayer. Not only that, they are employing a variety of new ideas like allowing a player to sit in the gunner seat of a friend’s plane while they deal with the enemy as they wish.

There is the zeppelin/barrage which the planes fly around; we are not sure if you will be able to pilot it or not but it surely is more than just being a part of the skybox.

Talking of the sea options, battleships are going to be massive beasts in your hands with the ability of ground deformation i.e. you will be able to control them and when you are at it, hit the shorelines and demolish them if you want.

On the ground, horses are going to be one of your best pals when it comes to scouting/flanking in Battlefield 1 multiplayer. Just like bikes, they are going to be your best bet.

Weapons are pretty diverse although we cannot even claim to know about them in entirety. What we do know is that there will be a Bayonet charge ability, a new melee system, the use of sabers, machineguns for the Support class, and more.

Oh and the medics will be able to use syringe revives on you.

While we are still digging deeper, it is expected that four classes will have weapons matching the expectations and speculations of the fan base. DICE is yet to confirm weapon customization, but we are all but sure that it is going to be a part of the game, just like progression which is yet to be officially detailed by the developers.

While that is all we know about the Battlefield 1 multiplayer so far, it looks like our report from February was true after all, Battlefield 1 is set in the WWI era and it also has an October release date.

Game releases October 21.

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