Battlefield 1 Will be Playable at EA Play

By   /   May 7, 2016
Battlefield 1 publisher

Wow, what an amazing and exciting 24 hours it have been. After plenty of teasing in this week, EA DICE took to stage to reveal its new Battlefield game, Battlefield 1.

You may wonder why they call it Battlefield 1, well that is because we are heading back to World War 1. That’s right, no more present day Warfare, they have heard their community and are going to the genesis of all out-warfare.

Battlefield is going to take us on a trip around the world, we’ll be battling our way through each location in its campaign.

But what is Battlefield without its multiplayer, it is back and will be bigger than ever. The 64 player multiplayer is back, massive maps, huge variety of weapons, customizations and much more.

Players will get to experience all of this first hand at EA Play.

According to EA DICE, players should visit EA Play to get a taste of Battlefield 1 and make sure to sign up for Battlefield Insiders to get early access to an open beta.

Live events are being held by EA in both LA and London on June 12-14.

Battlefield 1 is available right now for digital pre order and pre download.  Its reveal trailer blew us and Call of Duty away with its amazing setting, classic weapons and vehicles. Even though we are going back to WW1, it feels like a breath of fresh air as there have been too many redundant modern day shooters.

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