Battlefield 1 Weapons Are Innovative With Powerful And Authentic Feel

One of the major concerns we have when going back to World War 1 is the variety of Battlefield 1 weapons. The idea of a new World War game is promising but presenting such a game to a community that is used to customizations and variety of weapons could prove to be a risk.

EA DICE understands this and have assured that the game will feature proper customization and a variety of different weapons. EA believes that there is a common misconception that this era was of muskets but that isn’t the case. In fact, soldiers were inventing weapons so expect to see many innovative and unique weapons that are open to customization in Battlefield 1.

During the livestream for Battlefield 1 reveal, EA DICE said:

There’s a common misconception that this was an era of muskets, but they were inventing weapons all the time,” said lead game designer Danny Berlin. “There is a huge amount of variety of weapons with a powerful and authentic feel. It’s a fast and really cool experience, and any play-style you have, we’ll cater for it

DICE feels that this was the right time to move away from modern day shooters and go back to the genesis of all out-warfare.

We wanted to create a physical space that is more personal and physical,” said Berlin. He added that the company had chosen to call the game Battlefield 1 because “we are going back to the dawn of all-out warfare. [World War I] is the genesis of modern warfare.

Based on its reception so far, we can say that DICE has surely made the right decision with Battlefield 1. Shooters were becoming stale, dull, boring but going back to WW1 once again makes you feel excited for a Battlefield game.

Via: Polygon