Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare: People Are Trending RIPCoD Right Now

Well, the two most famous first person shooter titles got revealed back to back recently and the whole shooter community has not been as volatile as it is right now. While Battlefield 1 and its WWI setting was welcomed by a large number of fans, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare received major hate – it’s a major Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare battle out there.

The reason for this was partially the far future setting of Infinite Warfare as well as the perceived substandard graphics of the reveal trailer. As a result, hundreds of thousands of fans took to YouTube and mass disliked the trailer in order to show their discontent.

Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare

Reveal of Battlefield 1 worked like fuel to the fire because neither did it lack in terms of graphics nor did it disappoint with the story setting – at least a majority of the community liked the idea of going back to Bayonets, Horses, Tanks, Biplanes, and much more.

As a result, the community has decided to react once more, this time using Twitter hashtags. If you search Twitter for the hashtag RIPCoD you will see how tons of fans (mostly Battlefield fans this time around) are making fun of the whole situation.

Fans are saying that watching the trailers for Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare back to back makes you feel like the latter is an indie game! While there are countless tweets to choose from, here is a visual representation of what happened according to some.

Of course we are abundantly clear that Infinity Ward is going to get hold of the situation and work to make things look better for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, but right now all we are getting are suspiciously similar tweets praising the game from known eSports players – what on earth is that about?

So, Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare round one goes to DICE?