Battlefield 1 Vehicles Are Class Based, New Classes Added

By   /   May 7, 2016
leaked battefield 1 info

DICE has revealed some new  information about upcoming Battlefield 1 which represent significant changes from previous entries in the series. Players will pick a specific class to control specific Battlefield 1 vehicles this time around, not vehicles will be accessible.

Battlefield 1 will have four primary classes for players to choose from Assault, Medic, Scout and Support. You may have already spotted the difference that Assault and Medic are now separate classes instead of one combined class and the Engineer class have been dropped.

DICE Senior Producer, Aleks Grondal, has confirmed in an interview the addition of two additional classes;  Tanker and Pilot.

He further explained that primary weapon of each class will be its respective vehicle that is only accessible to that class.

However, right now it is unknown if Battlefield 1 vehicles will have sub-classes, for example tanks will come in heavy, medium or light variants with different abilities and stats. It is also unknown that how the class role structure will affect other Battlefield 1 vehicles shown in the trailer. This includes the Zeppelins, Destroyers, and even horses.

Traditionally players have been able to pick up any vehicle that is available on the map regardless of the role. This sometimes lead to fights over vehicles between teammates or sometimes players use these vehicles to drive to their destination and then dump them. It will be interesting to see that how this new class system will work.

Now the rest of the classes, Assault players will be able to carry SMGs, Support will carry LMGs, Scouts will carry sniper rifles and Medics areas using  semi-automatic weapon  along with a med kit. Pistols and dynamites have also been confirmed and all classes will most likely be able to carry them, pistols at least.

Entire Battlefield 1 multiplayer details have also been revealed, which include bayonets, horses and also two seater planes.

Battlefield 1 will release on October 21 for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4, while those who are members of EA access, will be able to play the game on October 18.

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