Uncharted 4 Fans Include Quantum Break PR Head As Well!

By   /   May 6, 2016
Uncharted 4 release

With just a couple of days remaining in the release of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End (finally), we are all excited about everything Naughty Dog is bringing on the table this time. The game has a gigantic fan base which now includes the PR head of Quantum Break as well!

Thomas Puha, the Public Relations head at Remedy Entertainment has been playing the game and also tweeting about it in depth. Clearly, he is a big fan.

Puha took to his official Twitter account to reveal that a player like him would take about 20 hours to complete the game. He says it took him 19 hours and 38 minutes to be exact and that in his opinion, it is “the best game in the series.”

There is a lot of setting up going on at the beginning of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, but he says that it gets “incredible” as we move forward.

The opening chapters are divisive as has been said, so much setup, but once the game gets going, its incredible.

Oh and by the way he is also a big fan of the animations in the game as well as the resources that Naughty Dog allocated for them in terms of animators. He even compared them with Quantum Break too.

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Source: Thomas Puha’s Twitter.

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