Pokemon Sun and Moon Details Coming on Tuesday; Third Legendary Expected

By   /   May 6, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Pokemon

Since Game Freak has decided to take their time in officially revealing Pokemon Sun and Moon details, all we have had in the past were rumors based on unconfirmed leaks. All this is about to change very soon now.

Japanese magazine CoroCoro did give us some insights about the reveal last month when it was teased that their May issue will include a major feature on the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Details Incoming

This time, The Pokemon Company took to the official website of the game announcing that on May 10, 2016 new information about the twin games will be revealed.

They have also reiterated that for the first time, Pokemon Sun and Moon are going to allow a total of nine language variants including Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, in addition to Korean and Traditional Chinese.

We are not sure how detailed the reveal will be, but looking at how they want a winter 2016 release for the games, it should be a filled up scoop.

Other than this, it has been revealed that the games might have a third legendary Pokemon as well.

You might remember Solgaleo and Lunaala as the two alleged legendaries for each of the games thanks to recent trademarks filed by the developers. Now, another trademark for “Marshadow” has surfaced which is being pegged as the third legendary.

Three other trademarks were also filed for “Nyabby,” “Ashimari,” and “Mokuroah,” all of which are expected to be the Starters is Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In other news, Pokemon cries have also been discussed as something we did not understand in the game all along, but Sun and Moon might apparently feature a translator to help you understand the Pokemon cries.

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