Mafia 3 Driving Makes You Feel Like A Hollywood Stunt Driver

By   /   May 6, 2016
Mafia 3 Hot Rod Magazines

Not only were the 1960s an era of change and upheaval in America, they were also a decade of fast cars and the kinds of car chases that are nowadays produced in big-budget action flicks like the Fast and Furious series. Mafia 3 driving aims to imitate this kind of driving with its own engine to make you feel like a movie star.

In the new trailer, a dev diary about how driving is in the game, the developers talk about making “Hollywood Action Driving,” where you can pull off stunts like drifting and threading the needle as you drive through the streets of New Bordeaux.

Citing the 1968 action movie “Bullitt” as an example, the devs talked about all of the work they put into the game’s cars in order to make them feel as real as possible. They talk about how the cars in-game were designed by people that actually have degrees in engineering to design the cars, and how the cars’ performance will differ depending on the location of the road you’re on.

For instance, the car will be slower on the wet muddy roads of the bayou. On the paved streets of New Bordeaux itself, it will be faster. The cars are designed around you being able to get in any one and become good at driving it almost immediately. You will be able to drift around corners, thread the “needle” between other cars, and more.

This can all be called consistent with the first Mafia 3 trailer, which showed the kind of car-chases that cops and robbers movies are made of as the passengers of both cars hung out of the windows and shot at one another.

While this won’t be like Grand Theft Auto 5 driving, Mafia 3 driving has had a great deal of care put into it to make the game feel as much like a late 1960s drive through the city as possible, and you can see it for yourself when the game comes out October 7.

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