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Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer has Horses, Tanks, Biplanes, and More

By   /   May 6, 2016

The wait is over and the rumors are true. The next Battlefield game, instead of going forward into the future like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, will actually be going backwards in time to what DICE calls “the dawn of all-out war.” In short, the Great War. The War to End All Wars. World War 1. Entitled Battlefield 1, the new Battlefield game will take you all over the world to experience the hellish combat of one of the largest wars in history.

DICE, in their announcement event, promised a great deal of new content for the game. You’ll have new vehicles, new weapons, new characters, and a new story to play through. You’ll be switching around between different characters all over the world as the story goes on.

You’ll be able to ride horses in Arabia, drive tanks on the Western Front, fly biplanes through the skies, and fire the enormous guns of battleships. All of this will contribute to a campaign mode that is focused on big set piece battles and as much destruction as possible.

But that’s not to say all vehicles will be the same. There will be different kinds of tanks and biplanes, all of which will require you to be careful when controlling them.

For instance, a heavy tank can’t maneuver as fast as a light tank, and a horse is not an APC; you can’t just charge one at the enemy and expect to make it.

The game will also involve a bigger and more in-depth multiplayer than before. World War I was one of the most brutal wars in history, as huge numbers of men charged across hellish no-man’s-land to reach enemy trenches.

Combat will be up-close and brutal, with bayonet charges and melee combat with shovels and maces and flamethrowers. There will even be gas warfare in the game, but you can counter that if you’re fast enough getting out your gas mask.

There will even be some multiplayer modes that involve using superweapons that will render you nearly invincible, such as a battleship that you can use to rain destruction down on enemy players. However, you’re not unstoppable, so you still need to be careful.

And if you want to play with your friends, don’t worry! The game’s new persistent squad system will allow you and your group to transfer from server to server while remaining together in the same group.

If you’re excited enough now and can’t wait to play the game, you won’t have very long to wait. Right from the start DICE has a concrete, official release date. Battlefield 1 will be released on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 21. If you pre-order the Early Enlister Edition, you’ll be getting it on October 18, and EA and Origin subscribers can get the game early as well.

If you can’t wait even for that long, you’ll be able to play the game’s open beta early by becoming an EA Insider, though we don’t know when the beta will be released.

Until then, we have the agonizing wait until possibly E3 to learn more about this brand-new Battlefield title.

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