Total War Warhammer Mod Support Will Be Available At Launch

By   /   May 5, 2016
Total War Warhammer Guide

Total War Warhammer mod support will be available at lunch, along with steam workshop support and number of mods which will be available for the game day one.

However, it was earlier announced that Total War Warhammer mod support will not be available even after launch, but it looks like creative assembly is determined to deliver the fans what they are asking for. Not only this, a couple of modders are creating mods with the help of developers

Regional Occupation Mod is also being created for the game which will remove the restriction of which cities can be occupied by which race, because some fans were unhappy for this restriction and this mod will prove a welcome fix if you also dislike this restriction.

Magnar is developing a mod called Legendary Lord Start Position Mod, which will allow players to customize the start positions of the games Legendary Lords. The name of the mod is self-explanatory and we are sure that you won`t need our help.

Assembly kit will also be relatively basic at launch, but additional features will be included, such as battle map editor, later this year.

Last few days have been good for Total War, and following the reveal of the game Creative Assembly announced that the game`s Chaos Warriors DLC will be free to everyone who purchases the game within the first week.

Total War Warhammer is a turn based real time strategy game, which will release on May 24 2016 for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

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