Titanfall 2 Has 30% More People Working On It, Upcoming Star Wars Game to Have Similarly Sized Team

By   /   May 5, 2016
Titanfall 2 multiplayer

Respawn Entertainment, developer behind Titanfall, has revealed that Titanfall 2 has 30% more people working on it as compared to the original game.

Speaking with Develop-Online, HR & Recruiting Manager Kristin Christopher said that there are about 20 more people working on Titanfall 2 than the original game.

Titanfall 2 Has 30% More People Working On It

The studio recently announced that it is also working on a new third-person action/adventure game set in Star Wars universe. Speaking of this new project, Kristin Christopher said that she expects a similarly sized team working it:

“Respawn is growing from a one game, one team studio to a two game, two team studio. A while back we hired Stig Asmussen – formerly with Sony, where he was director on God of War 3 – to direct a new game for us. The team is currently small, but as they prepare to go full-force into development there will be many more positions that open up. I could see us hiring up to 70 more people to support that game, not counting other roles in the studio. It is a really exciting time.”

She continued that although Respawn Entertainment makes AAA games, the team is smaller as compared to other AAA developers:

“Although we make triple-A games, our teams are on the smaller side compared to other triple-A developers. We had about 70 developers on the original Titanfall and we currently have about 90 working on the sequel. We expect our new team to grow to a similar size.”

Titanfall 2 recently received a teaser trailer and is expected to be a multiplatform titles. Having played the original game for quite long, we recently listed down 5 things that we want and do not want from the upcoming sequel.

The game currently remains without a release date, but it is expected to launch by the end of the current fiscal year.

Source: Develop-Online.

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