Quantum Break Patch 1.7 Fixes PC Problems, There is Still Room for Improvement

By   /   May 5, 2016
Quantum Break patch 1.7

Quantum Break patch 1.7 has been released for the PC version of Remedy Entertainment’s latest game, and it seems to have finally fixed many of the game’s issues on PC. The Quantum Break PC version had been plagued by a number of issues since the game released worldwide back in early April.

The issues included stability problems, technical issues, a bad frame rate, bad graphics, and perhaps the most idiotic of mistakes, not having a quit option on the game’s pause menu. This lost the PC version a lot of players, and gave new strength to the argument that the game should have been an Xbox exclusive.

After the game was announced for PC a lot of people even cancelled their pre-orders of it out of anger.

The source of the outrage was mainly due to the lack of many Triple A games that were exclusive to the Xbox. Microsoft had ordered a port of Quantum Break over to the PC in order to promote Windows 10 and the new version of DirectX, but for a while it appeared to backfire on them.

Now, it seems that Quantum Break patch 1.7 has fixed many of those issues. Clocking in at a staggeringly large 27 gigabytes, the patch does a variety of things including actually adding an in-game option to exit the game. It also added more graphics options, including optional upscaling and the option to add film grain.

The frame timing of the game now matches its refresh rate, and can now run at a higher framerate. However, some people on the Remedy forums are still reporting problems, so even if the game got a lot of fixes it’s still not completely done.

In the meantime, if you bought the game on Xbox One, you should probably keep playing it rather than risk getting an inferior experience on the PC (wow, never thought I’d say those words.)

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