More Fallout 4 DLC to Come After Far Harbor

By   /   May 5, 2016
Fallout 4 dlc

Yesterday, Bethesda Softworks finally released a trailer for the final piece of Fallout 4 DLC (for now), Far Harbor. Today, Pete Hines, the vice president of marketing at Bethesda, said that the studio had more Fallout 4 DLC planned once Far Harbor released.

Even though Fallout 4 only released in November of last year, it’s already had two downloadable content packs put out for it (“Automatron” and “Wasteland Workshop”), and the third, Far Harbor, is slated to come out Thursday, May 19.

Far Harbor is the biggest one of these yet, taking you to a new location in the area that was formerly Maine, before the bombs hit. It’s been boasted that the Far Harbor play area is bigger than the Shivering Isles map from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, as you and Nick Valentine head to the island of Far Harbor to discover a colony of synths that are in conflict with the Children of Atom (those nuke-worshipping whackjobs that first showed up in Fallout 3.)

The previous entry in the Fallout series, Fallout 3, only got three pieces of DLC (not including the expansion pack Broken Steel that fixed the game’s notoriously reviled ending): Operation Anchorage, where you fight in the Battle of Anchorage during the war between China and the United States, the Pitt, where you go to the ruins of Pittsburgh, and Mothership Zeta, where you’re abducted by aliens.

Hines revealed that more Fallout 4 DLC would be coming after Far Harbor on his Twitter page, though he isn’t going to say how many there will be or when they release.

He has, however, said that all of the DLC will be included in the Fallout 4 Season Pass that was released soon after Fallout 4 came out.

The game is also getting the Survival Mode update coming tomorrow, which will add a new layer of survival to the game as you have to eat, drink, sleep, and be more cautious as you work your way across the Commonwealth.

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