Battlefield 5 Pre-Order Available Already, Will Cost $99 in New Zealand

By   /   May 5, 2016
Battlefield 5 pre-orders

While the official Battlefield 5 reveal is still a day away, this has not stopped a New Zealand retailer to start taking Battlefield 5 pre-orders already.

Although there aren’t much details to be seen on listing page (smart, right?), the price for Battlefield 5 pre-order is $99.99. We will obviously have confirmation on that after the reveal event.

Battlefield fans haven’t been happy with the last iteration in the series (Battlefield Hardline), so Battlefield 5 needs to be something that caters to the needs of loyal fanbase first and then add something for the new users.

While finding a balance is a tough task, DICE has been claiming the reveal to be a mind blowing experience for fans. I really want to believe them and I am excited to see what they have stored for us tomorrow.

Although there has been no confirmation on what exactly Battlefield 5 is going to be, there have been some speculations and teasers to keep us intrigued. Based on some tweets, it can also be deduced that it’s not a World war experience.

A modern setting then? It might be as most of the fanbase want it to be a modern game. I personally believe that a World War setting can be a good idea for a change considering there are already many modern shooters lurking around. Not to mention that Infinite Warfare is also a modern shooter.

World War setting however can limit the options gameplay wise that fans are desperately expecting from Battlefield 5.

Battlefield pre-orders however, are expected to be opened to masses after the official announcement just like it happened in case of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. So yes, if you are not happy what the New Zealand retailer has put up for you for Battlefield 5 pre-order, you should wait until tomorrow when the big guns will show off their deals to you and definitely confuse you a little. Fingers Crossed for the full reveal!

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