Battlefield 5 May Not Be World War 1, World War 2 Shooter

By   /   May 5, 2016
Battlefield 5

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been officially revealed and now the attention of gamers has shifted towards Battlefield 5 reveal and according to marketing manager of DICE, it will be unexpected.

The official reveal of the next Battlefield is due this Friday, and rumors circling around the internet suggest that it will be set in World War 1. This rumor emerged after EA CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Blake Jorgensen said that the next Battlefield would be returning to the military origins of the series.

Now DICE`s maketing manager, Casey Al-kaisy, has come forward and tweeted that “I don`t think people will expect his one”.

Considering that gamers are actually expecting the next game to be set in World War 1 or 2, this statement is very interesting. Some fans of the franchise are expecting it to be set in futuristic setting like Battlefield 2143, to compete with this years Call Of Duty directly.

However, EA is also expected to release Titanfall 2 this year and it would not make any sense if two futuristic shooters from same publisher are thinning each other’s fan base.

Now the question remains, what is unexpected? Could it be that Battlefield 5 is set in Vietnam? If indeed that is the case, EA will not have much competition considering how well Vietnam expansion pack for Bad Company 2 was received.

There is one person who right now knows the answer as he has seen the Battlefield 5 and came out impressed.

Joe Brammer, Executive Producer of Bulkhead Interactive tweeted that DICE has done an amazing work on the next Battlefield.

What is amazing and what is unexpected, we will know this Friday!

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