Ark Survival Evolved May Update Brings Dinosaurs And More Content

By   /   May 5, 2016
Ark Survival Evolved may Update

Studio Wildcard keeps delivering free updates and additions to Ark Survival Evolved, and they have also become famous for it. Looks like its not going to change soon, as the developer has added a slew of new content through Ark Survival Evolved May update including three dinosaurs, a primitive weapon, a gigantic boss and more.

You can checkout the video spotlight which shows what new content this Ark Survival Evolved May update will bring.

The complete list of content are stated below:

  • Survivors will now face the mighty Megapithecus in its snowy-mountain arena in an epic, brutal boss fight against the giant ape and its army of monkey minions.
  • Arthropluera, Lystrosaurus, and Sabertooth Salmon.
  • Wind up the Primitive Bola then toss at players and smaller creatures to temporarily trip and ensnare them. It can even be used to knock enemy riders off their mounts or pull down flyers from the sky!
  • This enables Tribes to create arbitrary “Sub-Groups” within their Tribe, name them, and give them all kinds of detailed rank-based access privileges on your structures, inventories, and creatures. Effectively you can now create your very own caste-based society, with Kings, Nobles, Lords, and Serfs, etc.

Lystrosaurus Aicifidelis is a small two feet long and a resilient herbivore. This dinosaur learns fast and therefore gains experience faster than other creature in the game. This little creature can recover health and torpor much faster compared to others. Lystrosaurus also helps its allies by making them learn and gain experience quickly.

Arthropluera Felsanguis is large predator, which prefers rotted meat for dinner. This creature is almost a military mount which useful to attack from distances, and because of its unique defenses this creature is safe from all creature except from those who are larger in size than him. The blood of this creature is acidic, an whoever attacks it directly the blood splashes back at it. It also keeps a small quantity of its acidic blood in its mouth to spit on its foes.

Oncorhynchus Grexlamia is generally a passive fish that prefers to stay in herds, and like other fish in the game it can`t be tamed. This creature is raised for its resources and certain cuts of this creature are considered high quality which can be used for high end concoctions. Once aggressive this creature lock on to its target with its long teeth to drain blood. If a whole swarm of this creature attacks then the target will slow down due to blood loss and will die of drowning.

Ark Survival Evolved is a action adventure survival game available on Steam through early access and on Xbox one through ID@Xbox program.

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