Agents Of Mayhem Possible Next Title By Volition

Saints Row developer, Volition, is working on a new game and if you were to guess, you would have chosen Saints Row 5. However, a report suggests that Volition is working on a different game called Agents Of Mayhem.

The report comes from Gameinformer, and according to them, there are three sources hinting that Volition is working on Agents of Mayhem, citing the project by name.

First source is a trademark filed and is available for viewing at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The second clue is in the form of a resume of animator John Velazquez, who cited the game as one of the recent projects that he has worked on.

The third and final clue is the directory of Brandon Molale on Istunt. In his profile, game is listed under one of his motion capture projects.

Deep Silver recently announced that they will have a major announcement at E3 2016. Many fans started to speculate that Deep Silver will reveal the next Metro or Saints Row, but it seems Agents Of mayhem might be the game Deep Silver aims to reveal at E3.

What do you think? A change from Saints Row will do good to Volition or you would rather play Saints Row? We have Mafia 3 this year!