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Understanding Battleborn Team Composition and Character Types

When it comes to team composition and character types in Battleborn, there are a lot of available options. Battleborn character types include tanks, assassins, initiators, healers, and many others.

During a game, it is a good idea to formulate a Battleborn team composition that has a variety of Battleborn character types in order to tackle multiple issues that may arise.

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Battleborn Team Composition and Character Types Guide

Our Battleborn team composition guide outlines various in-game roles and provides a couple of sample team composition models to get your started!


These heroes need to absorb huge amount of damage and have zoning capabilities. Heroes like ISIC and Boldur fall under the category.

These melee heroes get in to disrupt enemy lines, can quickly disengage, and provide control using snares/stun. Heroes like Attikus and Galilea fall under the category.

These are heroes who cannot only absorb some damage, but can also provide zone controlling using knock-up, snares, etc. These should also be able to escape if need be! Heroes like Montana and Shayne fall under the category.


These heroes have high mobility and attack power, but are really squishy – sometimes come with knock-up/stun e.g. Rath and Phoebe.

Heroes like Orendi and El Dragon are skirmishers because of their high mobility and ability to put pressure in the lane and deal damage.

Like the name suggests, these heroes have the ability to push down minion waves down the enemy lane and escape unfortunate accidents or ganks. Heroes like Oscar Mike and Benedict fall under the category.

These heroes have access to pulls/stuns that provide strong zone controlling. Heroes like Kelvin and Ghalt fall under the category.


These heroes tend to be really squishy and deal insane amount of damage by staying behind front-liners e.g. Marquis and Thorn.

We have combined the two roles – these heroes tend to provide healing solutions and shields to provide their team with more sustain. Heroes like Miku and Kleese fall under the category.

Team Composition

The Balanced One
The idea behind the team is that it has a variety of possibilities and counters to a number of situations. The team requires a composition of strong heroes with no set tactic in mind – can go from being aggressive to defensive and vice versa in no time.

Ideally speaking it should have a tank/brawler, 1 support, 1 sniper, and 2 mid-laners.

The Defensive One
This 3-man lane team requires 2 snipers on the back peeling away enemy structures and dealing damage. There is flexibility of swapping one sniper for a skirmisher who runs around to collect Shard and harass enemies.

Ideally speak the team requires two support heroes keeping the tank alive as it carries the minion wave towards enemy recycle. Behind the tank, there should either be a couple of snipers or a sniper and a skirmisher; depending upon enemy composition.

The Aggressive One
The lane essentially relies on pushing the minion waves early on in the hopes of putting pressure on the opponent team.

However, do note that this is a risky composition because if failed to gain an early advantage – level advantage and Shard advantage – making a comeback becomes hard.

When it comes to team composition, it requires a tank with strong zoning capabilities, a couple of pushers to clear the minion waves as quickly as possible, and 2 support heroes.

Split Team
This type of team composition requires forcing the opponent team to split up. There are a couple of compositions when it comes to split team.

First of all, you can go with 3-4-man team holding the lane while the invader goes to other lanes. This type of team usually requires a mid-lane pusher, 2 support heroes, and a tank/brawler.

Aside from this, there is the team with three stealth-wielding characters such as Oscar Mike, Deande, and Shayne. Since this type of team usually relies on a lot of turret flipping, Shards per Second on gear is highly recommended!

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