Understanding Battleborn Status Effects and Character Skills, Abilities

By   /   May 4, 2016

There are a plenty of Battleborn status effects in the game that can change character stats. With Battleborn status effects, character can get increased HP, shield, etc. Moreover, there are status effects that can decrease enemies’ efficiency in combat.

These status effects in Battleborn are trigged after a character uses an ability or pick up orbs – scattered around in the Story Mode.

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Battleborn Status Effects Guide

This guide details all Battleborn status effects and what to expect from each one:


This basically fogs the field of view of a character which renders traversing and aiming almost impossible. However, do note that it does not affect movement and abilities of characters.


Caldarius – Flashbang
Fires a grenade that deals 70-94 damage and blinds enemies for 2 seconds.


Orendi – I Hate Your Pretty Eyes
Adds a blind effect to Nullify.


This essentially makes it impossible for other characters to see an object. The effect last momentarily and is for distant objects.


Oscar Mike – Stealth Generator
Activate a cloaking device obscuring Oscar Mike from view and radar detection for 9 seconds. Attacking or using a skill cancels the effect.

Deande – Holotwin
Cloaks Deande and deploys a decoy – 20% health, 25% damage – to fight in her stead for 8 seconds. Upon death or expiry, the decoy explodes for 200 damage.

Shayne and Aurox – Stealth Strike
When you see Shayne cloak, this isn’t a game of hide-and-seek – you have a five-second headstart to get the hell away from where you think Shayne and Aurox will resurface and pummel you with damage.


Ghalt – Stealth Scrap
Cloaks deployed Scraptraps making them virtually invisible at range.

Marquis – Hoodunnit
Predatory Strike owls on the battlefield are cloaked.

Knock Up

This basically lifts up the targeted character into the air and leave it powerful for a brief duration of time.


Attikus – Hedronic Eruption
Attikus hurls ‘X’ shockwaves – varies per rank – of energy over 5 seconds that each deal damage.

Montana – Mansformation
Stomp the ground, dealing 525-750 damage and knocking up nearby enemies. Montana takes reduced damage for 8 seconds after.

Rath – Catalytic Smash
Rath unleashes a shockwave dealing X damage directly ahead.

Shayne and Aurox – Tag Team
If you see Shayne telling Aurox where to go, it’s important to not be there. Aurox teleports to Shayne’s target and unleashes his rage before knocking everybody around and disappearing.


Boldur – Gather No Moss
Boldur continues to dash forward after hitting an enemy with Boldurdash, allowing him to hit multiple enemies. Enemies are now Knocked Up instead of Knocked Back.

Montana – The Ol’ One-Two
Montana knocks nearby enemies upward at the end of Lumberjack Dash.


Like the name suggests, this effect pushes back the targeted character from an area – really useful for controlling a point.


Attikus – Pounce
Leap to a target location, dealing damage and knocking back enemies where Attikus lands.

Boldur – Boldurdash
Boldur leaps forward, dealing 141-213 damage and knocking back enemies. Rune Power: Dash causes an explosion on contact, dealing up to 534 damage.

Caldarius – Gravitic Burst
Launches Caldarius forward, dealing 142-214 damage on impact.

Deande – Burst Dash
Deande charges forward, dealing 200 damage and pushing back enemies. Hit enemies are weakened, lowering their attack damage by 30%.

Montana – Lumberjack Dash
Montana dashes and collides with an enemy, dealing 208-280 damage and knocking them back. If the hit enemy hits an object or ally, they are stunned for 1 second.

Reyna – Photonic Ward
Deploy a large energy dome that immediately knocks enemies out of the area, and continues to block enemy fire from entering or exiting for 6 seconds.

Thorn – Wrath of the Wild
After a brief charging period, hurls a massive energy bomb that explodes, dealing damage and knocking enemies backward.


Benedict – Make Some Room
On activation, Liftoff pushes nearby enemies away.

Montana – Push it Push it Push it
Increases the knockback effect of Lumberjack Dash.

Orendi – Dismissed!
Adds a knockback effect to Nullify.

Ambra – Radiant Gale
Enemies hit by Solar Wind are blown away, being repeatedly Knocked Back.

Ambra – Ritual of Repulsion
Replaces Solar Wind’s directed channel with two slams to the ground of Ambra’s Staff. Enemies all around Ambra are pushed back with each slam.

Caldarius – Kinetic Burst
Increases Gravitic Burst’s knockback effect.

Orendi – Thought Rejection
Adds a knockback and blind effect to Paradigm Shift.

Caldarius – Ground Zeroed
When Caldarius strikes the ground with Aerial Assault, nearby enemies are pushed back.


This is basically the counter for Cloak and reveals characters in the stealth mode.


Reyna – Priority Target
Fire a homing blast that deals X damage – +50% bonus to shields – and reveals the target’s position. The target takes X% incoming damage for 6 seconds.


Orendi – Burned and Busted
Shadowfire Pillar reveals all stealthy enemies in the area.

Whiskey Foxtrot – Swiss Cheese
Enemies hit by Scrap Cannon are revealed and take increased damage from Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle.

Toby – Targeting Overlay
While zooming Toby’s Railgun, all enemies – including cloaked enemies – are highlighted in the scope.

Ambra – Agile Anomaly
Sunspots can link to stealthy characters and have increased range.

Marquis – Wallhax
Bindleblast shots can now pierce world terrain to strike targets. Enemies are highlighted in the scope.


Silence restricts targeted characters from using hero abilities. When used on key targets, this can easily turn the tides during a battle.


Phoebe – Preparation
Enemies hit by Blade Rush will be stunned by the last strike of Phoebe’s primary melee combo. +2 seconds Stun duration.

Galilea – Bleak Quiet
Descrate field silence enemies inside the field.

Rath – Catalytic Flash
Catalytic Smash blinds enemies when hit.


This status effect reduces the movement speed and attack speed of the targeted characters.


Marquis – Temporal Distortion
Alter the flow of time in a targeted area for 6 seconds, slowing all enemies who are inside of the time warp.

Miko – Cloud of Spores
Throw a spore sack that explodes on contact, dealing 139-187 damage and leaving behind a cloud of spores that slows all enemies that enter it for the next 4 seconds.

Montana – Hailstorm
Loads a specialized ammunition that slows enemies hit and uses less heat per shot. Also adds armor that reduces damage taken.


Kelvin – Coldclock
Every fourth melee hit applies a brief slow to nearby enemies.

Mellka – Hobbling Strike
Enemies hit by Claw Lunge are slowed for a brief time. +3 seconds slow.

Miko – Vicious Strain
Fungus Among Us deals damage over time to enemies in range. +78 damage per second.

Rath – Spin to Slow
Rath’s primary melee combo finishing spin slows enemies. +1 seconds slow duration.

Thorn – Swampfoot
Enemies damaged by Blight are slowed for a short time.

Attikus – Staggering Pounce
Enemies damaged by Pounce are slowed. +3 seconds slow duration.

Benedict – Wind Chill
On activation, Liftoff slows nearby enemies. +1 second slow.

Phoebe – Phase Distortion
Phasegate creates a field at Phoebe’s target destination that slows nearby enemies. +6 seconds slow duration.

Reyna – Lockdown
Reyna’s Laser Pistol and Plasma Pulse briefly slow enemies marked with Priority Target. +3 seconds slow duration.

Shayne – Wait for the Drop
Enemies damaged by Aurox at the end of Stealth Strike are slowed for a brief time.

Boldur – Stunning Blows
When Boldur is unarmed, his primary melee attacks slow enemies.

Boldur – Headsplitter
Enemies hit with Axe Toss are stunned.

Toby – Sorry I Broke Your Legs
Enemies damaged by Arc Mines are slowed. +3 seconds slow duration.

Deande – Silent Strike
For 3 seconds after uncloaking, Deande’s attacks slow enemies for a brief time. +3 seconds slow duration.

Ghalt – Hobbling Shot
Tactical Shells slow enemies on impact for a brief time. +2 seconds slow duration.

Deande – IRE’s Echo
Increases the damage dealt by an exploding Holotwin clone. Enemies caught in the blast are slowed. +15% Damage, +3 seconds slow duration.

Caldarius – Gravitic Anomaly
Gravitic Burst slows enemies on impact. +3 seconds slow duration.

Galilea – Inescapable Fate
Desecrate fields slow enemies. -30% Movement Speed.

Ghalt – Big Trap
Increases the radius of Scraptrap’s stun effects and the shrapnel charge blast radius. +40% Area of Effect.

Marquis – Cease and Desist
Intensifies the slowing effect of Temporal Distortion, further reducing enemy movement speed.

Montana – Bullet Buff
Intensifies Hailstorm’s slowing effect, further reducing enemy movement speed. If Firestorm augment is active, its damage over time effects are lengthened.

Oscar Mike – Holy Crap, Concussive Strike
Enemies damaged by Airstrike are slowed for a short time.

Toby – Coldclock
Enemies damaged by Core Discharge blasts are slowed for +3 seconds.


This status effects restricts a character’s ability to move, shoot, or perform hero abilities.


Deande – Blink Storm
Upon activation, Deande unleashes a flurry of 10 strikes directly ahead of her, stunning up to 5 enemies and dealing 50 damage per hit.

Galilea – Shield Throw
Galilea throws her Greatshield, dealing damage and stunning the target for 2 seconds.

Ghalt – Scraptrap
Deploys a trap to a target location which stuns enemies for 2 seconds, and then explodes dealing damage. A maximum of 2 traps can be deployed simultaneously.

Kelvin – Sublimate
Kelvin becomes a cloud of frigid air for a brief time, greatly increasing movement speed. Touching enemies deals damage and stuns them.

Kelvin – Ice Wall
After a short delay, Kelvin creates a temporary impassible Ice Wall that will stun nearby enemies on spawn and block movement.

Montana – Lumberjack Dash
Montana dashes and collides with an enemy, dealing 208-280 damage and knocking them back. If the hit enemy hits an object or ally, they are stunned for 1 second.


Rath – Concussive Smash
Catalytic Smash non longer produces a shockwave that knocks targets into the air, but stuns enemies on impact if they have recently been hit by Crossblade.

ISIC – Outta My Way!
Enemies hit during Plasma Dash are stunned.

Miko – Sporeshock
If Cloud of Spores hits an enemy directly, that enemies is stunned rather than slowing all enemies in the blast radius.

Shayne – Holding it Down
Instead of pulling targets, Fetch now stuns enemies on impact.

Toby – Sorry I Broke Your Wrists
Enemies damaged by Arc Mines are slowed. +2 second stun.

This is all we have on Battleborn Status Effects guide. If you found anything missing or confusing, let us know in the comments below!

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