Old, Unused Patent Shows Nintendo Cell Phone

By   /   May 4, 2016
nintendo patent

You might have a Nintendo phone in your pocket right now instead of an iPhone if Nintendo had put its patent for a Nintendo cell phone into production. The unused patent, which made its debut on Reddit’s r/Nintendo subreddit, shows a design for a cell phone that dates all the way back to 2001.

While Nintendo has struggled its way onto the smartphone market by forming an alliance with the corporation DeNA, the patent shows that it had plans for making its own cellphone many years ago, complete with Game Boy games that you could purchase and play on the phone.

The phone would have also allowed you to pause the game while taking a call, as described in the patent’s abstract (basically an outline on what the subject of the patent is)

An electronic apparatus includes a phone CPU and a game CPU. When a * key is operated during execution of a game, the phone CPU sets a specified bit of a game key register to “1”. The phone CPU is set “1” into the specified bit when there is an incoming call of a phone during the execution of the game. The game CPU pauses the game being in execution when the specified bit is renewed to “1” and restores the specified bit from “1” to “0”. When the * key is operated in a state the game is interrupted, the phone CPU sets “1” into the specified bit. The game CPU restarts the game by canceling the pause.

While Nintendo may be putting out mobile games now, we’ll most likely never have a true Nintendo cell phone due to the monopoly that other phone makers like Sprint, Windows, Google, and Apple have over making the smartphone market, but other games like Pokemon Go may be able to take mobile games in a new direction by not requiring them to be on an actual phone.

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