Free DLC For Battlefield 4 and Hardline Available

By   /   May 4, 2016
Free DLC For Battlefield 4

EA is giving away free DLC for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline in a build up to the reveal of next Battlefield, which is planned to be revealed this Friday May 6th.

To celebrate the reveal of next Battlefield, publisher EA is letting fans to grab Battlefield 4’s add-on Dragon’s Teeth and Battlefield Hardlines’ Robbery ¬†DLC for free from now to May 10. Also, new community missions will be added as well.

Dragon’s Teeth for Battlefield 4 contains four new maps; Lumphini Garden, Pearl market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon, along with 12 vs 12 Chainlink game mode.

Battlefield Hardline’s Robbery includes four maps as well; The Docks, Break Point, Museum and Precinct 7, along with Squad Heist competitive mode and few new weapons and gadgets.

EA said this promotion will offer further free DLC for these two titles in the future over the next few months.

In a recent tweet, Battlefield developer said that, the reveal of the next Battlefield will blow fans away and the developers themselves are very excited to reveal the game.

A DICE developer said while criticizing Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare‘s graphics that “just putting some final touches on a little thing for Friday. The internet is going to crumble”.

Battlefield is the biggest selling first person shooter for EA and the next title will most probably release for Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC only.

Do you think Free DLC For Battlefield 4 and Hardline will hype the fans? Let us know in the comments.

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