The Division Update 1.2 Theme is “Generous,” High End Loot and Bug Fixes Added

By   /   May 4, 2016
The Division Update 1.2

The Division update 1.2 will increase the frequency of high end loot drops and will make many improvements to the overall game.

Devs are making sure that players get better quality loot across the board because the theme for patch 1.2 is “generous.” The new Incursion, Hard and Challenge mode and Dark Zone will offer much better loot for The Division players.

There is also a reduction planned for High End Performance Mods. Moreover, devs are adding third Dark Zone bracket for players having a Dark Zone Rank of 201 or above. In this bracket, loot with 204 to 240 Gear Score is going to drop.

NPC enemies in the new bracket are 32 – 34 level.

Complete patch notes will be shared soon along with a release date for The Division update 1.2. We also hope that update 1.2 fixes the hacking issue on PC that is denting the game’s player base.

According to a recent report, The Division player base fell by 81% since launch and its still dropping. Players are frustrating by the amount hackers and exploits used by other players. It pretty much makes the game impossible to play.

Ubisoft needs to figure a permanent fix for this issue or this Destiny killer may commit suicide by the end of the year. Some other issues that affect the game are missing daily challenges and character disappearance.

Ubisoft recently gave away free phoenix credits to make up for these problems.

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