DayZ Update 0.60 Released Into Experimental Stage

DayZ continues its glacial march to finally getting a full release, according to news from developer SMoss. DayZ update 0.60 has been released in an experimental state, which will help the developers see what all is wrong with the game as people download the update and play it.

The update is designed to mainly focus on things like performance issues, visual bugs, U.I. functionality bugs, as well as bugs for the Central Loot Economy (i.e. loot zones and items spawns). The developers also have a small list of known problems with the update, which include various error messages, problems with the zombies, items, menus, the renderer, servers, vehicles, weapons, and user interface.

DayZ update 0.60 comes after a fairly long wait in terms of video games, considering that the last update before now came out on March 4. There’s no telling how long this update will go before Bohemia Interactive, the developers of DayZ, will update it again, now that it’s a full game and not just a mod for ARMA 3.

DayZ first was released as a mod in February of 2013, but by December of that year it had become a fully fledged game after taking the internet by storm due to the feeling of being in an actual zombie apocalypse, the stories that could be told through it, and the tense atmosphere that permeated the entire game due to guns also being a weapon option.

The success of DayZ brought a lot of imitator survival games to the market such as Seven Days To Die and Rust, many of which are also still in early access with no full release in sight. The Rust developers are even branching out to other games despite Rust being nowhere near finished.

The game is, unfortunately, still in early alpha testing. Dean Hall, who first created the mod, joined Bohemia Interactive to commence work on the standalone version of the game. In the meantime, fans of the game will have to keep waiting for a full release.