Battleborn Meltdown Strategy Guide – Minions, Recycle Altars, Buildable Stations, Tips

By   /   May 4, 2016
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Battleborn Meltdown is a 5 vs 5 game mode having 2 minion lanes; one on left and one on right. Each minute, a minion wave spawns and travels towards other team’s recycle – the place where minions are destroyed!

Every time a minion manages to reach other team’s Recycle Altar, the first team gets 1 point – large minions are worth more points. The first team to reach 500 points or more points in allotted time limit wins the game.

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Battleborn Meltdown Guide

Our Battleborn Meltdown guide details everything you need to know about the game mode.

Minion Types
There are 3 types of minions – basic minion, shepherd, and elite minion. The shepherd grants friendlies with overshield at regular intervals while the elite minions – the strongest ones – must be purchased for 600 Shards and spawn right from the area where they are bought. Upon dying, minions yield XP and Shards.

Recycle Altars
Each team has two Recycle Altars – one in the mid and one on the far end! To accumulate first 250 points, a team’s minion need to reach the Recycle Altar in the mid. As for other 250 points – in order to complete 500 points – the minions must reach the Recycle Altar on the far end.

Buildables Stations
Each team has 5 Buildables Station and a Neutral Buildable Station at the center of each lane. The Buildable Stations can not only be upgraded, but also destroyed by enemy teams – they can be rebuilt by the respective team after a while.

  • Thumper Turrets – Deal decent damage and inflict slow
  • Accelerators – Increase movement speed of approaching allies
  • Supply Stations – Grant slow HP regeneration to approaching allies
  • Stinger Turrets – Machinegun turrets that deal decent damage
  • Base Turrets – N/A

Shard Stations
Aside from minions, there are Shard Stations scattered across a map. You need to destroy a Shard Station and walk over the area to collect Shards. These are not only required to activate a piece of gear in a loadout, but also for using Buildable Stations, summoning the elite minions, and more.

Battleborn Meltdown Strategy
During mid/late game, you should avoid dying and stick together as a team – not to mention getting the elite minions after a kill. You need to try to push both lanes at the same time and pay attention to enemy lane swaps.

In case you are behind during late game, you need to try to play defensive and try not losing teamfights. Try to constantly build Thumper Turrets and clear minion waves as quickly as possible!

When it comes to early game, try to send 2 players in each minion lane and the last player to provide support.

You should also try to run to your Shard Station and get overshield from the Shepherd – and eventually build the Stinger Turret. This will provide you with lane dominance and allow you to hit Level 2 quicker than your team.

You also need to try to push minion wave and do not forget to collect Shards. If you feel confident enough, you can go and gank the other lane in the hopes of getting a couple of kills or a decent trade-off.

However, if you think that you cannot deal decent amount of damage, do not go for ganking and simply focus on farming and levelling up.

Lastly, do not forget to share your own Battleborn Meltdown tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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