Battleborn Character Legendary Items Guide – How to Get, Effects

By   /   May 4, 2016

In addition to regular legendaries, there are Battleborn Character Legendary Items as well! Character-specific piece of legendary gear requires the completion of a lore challenge. Regardless of character, each character-specific legendary can be traded for 250 Credits and has an activation price of 1800 Shards.

In addition to this, do note that Battleborn Character Legendary items have fixed stats unlike regular legendaries. Moreover, the list is currently incomplete and we will add more legendaries in days to come.

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Battleborn Character Legendary Items

Our Battleborn Character Legendary Items guide details all the available legendaries, how to get them, and the stats of each one:

Ambra – Shard of Jenner
How to Get: Cleansing Fire – Heal 50,000 damage

The Staff of Radiance slowly regenerates its own heat. It has +7.00% Skill Damage +7.00% Heal Power.

Attikus – N/A
How to Get: In His Face – You need to land 12 critical hits on Lothar Rendaim using Charged Hook.

Benedict – “Air Mail” AGM Loader
How to Get: So Many Rockets – You need to fire a total of 425 rockets in a single match; a total of 5 times

Landing rocket hits while airborne reduces all active cooldown(s) by 1 second. It has +19.81% Reload Speed and +5.28% Attack Damage.

Boldur – Rune of the Bear
How to Get: The Dwarf’s Favorite Axiom – You need to deal a total of 25,000 damage using Axe Toss while energized by Runes of Power

When Ekkuni Greatshield breaks, gain 0% to all damage for +400% seconds. It has +9.58% healing received!

Caldarius – Blade of Transfusion
How to Get: The Arena and You: Partners in Freedom – You need to eliminate 750 Jennerit troops

Aerial Assault heals Caldarius for 50% of total damage dealt. It has +9.80% Attack Speed and +4.20% Skill Damage.

Deande – Fan of the Retreat
How to Get: Fan of the Empire – You need to deal 60,000 damage with Blink Storm

Activating Holotwin causes your shields to immediately begin charging. It has +9.15% Attack Speed and -3.92% Cooldown Time.

El Dragon – Charged Champion’s Belt
How to Get: The Price for Disarmament – You need to hit 4 enemies with a single clothesline a total of 100x times

Clothesline and Dragon Splash gain 25% damage, but damage El Dragon on a miss. It has -1.05 Second Shield Recharged Delay and +9.80% Sprint Speed.

Galilea – Shadow Mote Overflow
How to Get: Arbitration – You need to block 25,000 damage using Sentinels Greatshield

Clearing Galilea’s Corruption grants 105 health over 5 seconds. It has 123% Maximum Shield Strength and 4.93% Attack Damage.

Ghalt – U.P.R. Synchronographh
How to Get: The First Shots of the Solus War – You need to deal 500,000 damage with Revolver Shotgun

Enemies hooked into a Scraptrap take 50% more damage from the trap. It has -7.00% Cooldown Time and +4.20% Skill Damage.

How to Get: Warning Rogue Magnus – You need to play a total of 5x matches with Kleese on the same team

Kelvin – Plasma-Infused Plating
How to Get: The Best Defense is De Fence – You need to stun a total of 100x enemies using Ice Wall

Missing with Chomp resets its cooldown for 1 immediate re-use. It has +280 Maximum Health and +2.80 Damage Reduction.

Kleese – N/A
How to Get: Ride of the Battle Throne – You need to play as Kleese on every map at least once

Marquis – Bindlebooster
How to Get: More Robot Rebellion – You need to deal 100,000 damage using Predatory Strikes

Critical hits reduce the active cooldown on Bindleblast by 2 seconds. It has +9.58% Critical Hit Damage and -12.78% recoil.

Mellka – Mutated Magazines
How to Get: Which Blade – You need to deal a total of 250,000 damage to envenomed targets

Each melee hit speeds up your next reload by 10% to a max of 50%. It has +21.00% Reload Speed and +5.60% Attack Damage.

Miko – Spores of Mikollopria
How to Get: Sowing Destruction – You need to have 50 assists

Add 50% of Kunai poison damage dealt to your next Healing Beam pulse. It has +13.49% Heal Power and +4.05% Movement Speed.

Montana – Custom-Fit Flak Vest
How to Get: Everybody Just Calm Down – You need to slow a total of 5x enemies at the same time using Hailstorm a total of 20x times

Slows Minigun Heat generation by 50% when Heat exceeds 85%. It has +270% Maximum Health and +5.39% Attack Speed.

Orendi – Variable Morpher
How to Get: The Eyes Have You – You need to deal a total of 100,000 damage with Orendi’s secondary ranged attack

If Shadowfire Pillar deals no damage, your next pillar deals 30% more damage. It has +6.11% Skill Damage and +85% Maximum Shield Strength.

Oscar Mike – N/A
How to Get: On Sight Interview – You need to kill a total of 500x enemies using Red Dot.

Phoebe – N/A
How to Get: Addonexus – You need to use Blade Rush to deal 2000 damage

Rath – Improved Genetic Syphon
How to Get: Axiom, Praxis, and Precept – You need to hit 3x enemies with Crossblade a total of 100x times

Gain 1% Life Steal with each use of Genetic Syphon, up to 10%. It has +8.95% Sprint Speed and +5.11% Attack Speed.

Reyna – Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece
How to Get: The Best Defense – You need to eliminate 1000x enemies with Laser Pistol

Charging an ally’s overshield with the Plasma Pulse also heals them. It has -5.88% Cooldown Time and +5.88% Heal Power.

Shayne and Aurox – “Smack Attack” Slinger
How to Get: Always Comes Back – With Shayne and Aurox separated, hit 60 enemies with Shayne’s Boomerang

Melee strikes add 20% of their damage to the next Boomerang hit on the target. It has +42.00% Shield Recharge per Second and +5.60% Attack Speed.

Thorn – Aelfrin Memory Band
How to Get: Vengeance for the Lost – You need to kill 1000 Jennerit troops

Nature’s Curse instantly charges at full draw. It has +10.05% Critical Hit Damage and +4.02% Health Regeneration per Second.

Toby – The Double Hug
How to Get: None Shall Pass – You need to detonate a total of 50x Arc Mines with Toby’s Custom Railgun

Can set 2 Arc Mines at one time, but each mine deals -40% damage. It has -5.87% Cooldown Time and +3.52% Movement Speed.

Whiskey Foxtrot – N/A
How to Get: Some Find Me Repulsive – You need to knockback 2500 enemies with Scrap Cannon

This is currently all we have on Battleborn Character Legendary Items guide. You can also help us complete the guide by commenting below!

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