Battleborn Beginner’s Guide – Gear, Buildables, Shards, Tips and Strategies

By   /   May 4, 2016
Battleborn Competitive Mode

Battleborn is indeed a fun experience – especially when played with friends – but can intimidating to some newcomers who are not familiar with MOBA shooters. Battleborn Beginner’s guide introduces the game’s different concepts to help you better understand everything before you jump into the game.

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Battleborn Beginner’s Guide

Our Battleborn beginner’s guide details things like gear, shards, buildable items, and a few tips and strategies to help you quickly gain a hang of things and get started.

Battleborn Story Mode
The game has a dedicated Story Mode that can be completed solo or in a 4-player co-op mode. The Story Mode can be played at varying difficulty settings in order to earn better gear.

Battleborn Gear
I will not waste time explaining what exactly gear is. Both in PvP and PvE, you will be able to choose from one of the pre-made loadout(s). Each loadout in the game comprises of 3x pieces of gear. However, one important thing to note here is that before starting each game, you will have to buy the gear you wish to use.

Battleborn Shards
Throughout the game, you will be able to obtain Shards. These yellow drops are important because they not only allow you to purchase a piece of gear, but also complete buildables. You should be able to track the amount of Shards at your disposal by checking the lower-right corner of the screen.

Battleborn Buildables
While playing the game – Story Mode and Versus Mode – you will be able to build items such as turrets, drones, etc. to aid you in combat. However, in order to utilize the build stations, you need to have Shards. In addition to getting some extra help in combat, building these things will also grant you decent amount of XP.

Battleborn Helix Menu
By performing in-game actions, you will gain experience which will allow you to unlock new augmentations. After you are notified that a new augmentation is available, open up the Helix Menu and acquire new Skills or Abilities.

It is a good idea to take your hero/role into consideration as Skills/Abilities drastically alter the way a hero is played! Continue to gain experience and you will get Mutations and an Ultimate Ability. The Ultimate Ability is a hero’s best ability and Mutations allow a hero to choose from 3 Helix upgrades.

Battleborn Beginner’s Tips and Strategies
Needless to say, but try to play a couple of games against bots in order to learn different things work and learning about the interface. Furthermore, instead of just jumping straight into PvP, try to play the game’s Story Mode first and obtain decent gear.

The game’s interface can be a little overwhelming at the beginning. With so much happening on the screen at the same, it can be hard to make out one thing from the other. Due to this fact, try to be consistent, play a couple of games, play with friends – who own the game and play it – and you will get a hang of it eventually!

This is all we have on Battleborn Beginner’s Guide. Do not forget to share your own beginner’s tips with us – to help to newcomers – in the comments section below!

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