Wii U 5.5 Kernel exploit Leaked, Allows Console Modification

By   /   May 3, 2016
Wii U 5.5 Kernel exploit

Well, no matter how hard Nintendo tries to protect its hardware, someone somewhere always breaks through the walls. A Wii U kernel exploit that allows console modification was in development for some time now, however, it leaked early but developers aren’t pointing fingers at anyone right now.

Wii U 5.5 Kernel exploit is now available and reports say that it works!

welp someone leaked my server setup, wasn’t @ryanrocks462 tho, have fun with your 5.5.1 sploit, has all my nice stuff :^)

Here’s an example of what an modified Wii U can do.

The good news is that it works, bad news is that now it is available publicly and Nintendo can patch it any time it likes.

Also, will the development continue to make it more end-user friendly?

You can download the explote here, but keep in mind that it would void your system warrenty and any damages done to the software or hardware with this exploit won’t be covered by Nintendo. It is not recommended that you modify your console.

How long do you think it would take for Nintendo to patch this?

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