The Division Daily Challenges Are Gone Again

The Division daily challenges have disappeared once again, Ubisoft has confirmed. This is recurring issue that Ubisoft previously fixed but it looks like the fix didn’t fix anything.

However, Ubisoft is aware and looking a permanent solution to this problem.

We are aware that Daily Missions are missing once again today. A permanent solution to this recurring problem is being looked into.

The Division released in March for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Since its release it has seen a number of different issues such as hacking, exploits, bugs glitches etc.

Hacking is one of the main problems that renders the game unplayable. The situation is so bad that even hackers started complaining about other hackers of The Division.

The problems stems from the fact that Ubisoft stores players data at the client side rather than server. This makes it easier for hackers to manipulate this data.

Ubisoft needs to make changes to networking for The Division and resolves all other issues that pretty much makes you want to give up on the game.

Lets what the next major update for The Division does to insure a better playing environment. Previously, Ubisoft had to offer free The Division Phoenix credits to players to compensate for major issues.

Do you think Ubisoft needs to improve its quality assurance process so its AAA releases are less buggy? What’s the situation with The Division daily challenges on your side?