Destiny Hotfix Addresses Melee, Other Mechanics

By   /   May 3, 2016
Destiny hotfix

A few days ago Bungie said that in the wake of the game’s large April update, the studio would be putting out Destiny hotfix in an effort to address some of the bugs that came up in April, including numerous loot problems and a glitch related to the game’s melee options.

Melee is a vital part of at least two character classes in the game, Bladedancer Hunters and Striker Titans, who are both mainly melee-focused classes when it comes to their supers and other abilities. According to Bungie a bug exists in the game where melee attacks would whiff due to a faulty target search by the game.

Destiny hotfix will address these bugs and also work to increase reliability when it comes to melee across the entire network, using melee strike validation logic and player position networking to make blows land more often.

The update also includes addressing loot problems in the Prison of Elders challenge arena, where the 32, 34, and 35-level dungeons would not give out the proper level of loot, or that the game’s weekly Nightfall (a level with upped difficulty and enemy buffs that would provide a challenge to players) would not drop Ghost shells above the player’s Light level.

Other adjustments included fixing a glitch that would keep the quest “With Finesse and Speed” from being completable, and that you could purchase the legendary sword Dreadfang before you completed the quest for it (sorry people that wanted the sword, but you’re gonna have to work for it now).

The complete patch notes for Destiny hotfix can be found here, and the update should be put onto Destiny at some time today. In the meantime, Guardians should hop onto Destiny and download the update as soon as possible to let Bungie know how it works. Bungie’s also said that if the update doesn’t work they can roll it back as easily as they can implement it, so if it doesn’t work, don’t worry.

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