Street Fighter 5 Story Mode is Only the Beginning

By   /   May 2, 2016
Street Fighter 5 story mode

Street Fighter 5 had a rocky launch, not just because of a number of technical glitches and online connectivity issues, but also through a lack of a story mode and a number of other content gaps. This has led to the game being called “unfinished” but Capcom aims to address these complaints very soon, first with the Street Fighter 5 story mode.

Since Akuma isn’t in the newest iteration of the fighting game series, new character Necalli serves as the main villain. An ancient Aztec warrior that gains his strength from defeating strong fighters and consuming their souls (hence his “Devour-our-our!” battle cry at the start of fights), Necalli has awakened after hundreds of years and breaks onto the Street Fighter universe to find and consume the souls of its characters.

The Street Fighter 5 story mode will be the first of its kind in the series, which has normally been focused around competitive play and thus been arcade mode and multiplayer-only unlike its simpler cousin Mortal Kombat, which has had story modes for multiple games in addition to individual arcade mode “storylines” for characters.

The story mode will run at least an hour of in-engine cinematics, and that’s not all the game will have. Capcom will be putting out multiple pieces of content both for free and through paid DLC, including a single-player versus mode where you can fight against a computer-controlled character.

Yoshinori Ono, the Capcom producer, isn’t ready to provide a road map with these, but at least has a good idea of the amount of content that will be coming out for Street Fighter 5 this year and beyond.

Until then, we’ll have to be waiting until the Street Fighter 5 story mode releases in June to wait and see what will be following it. So, in the meantime, go and find the answers that lie in the heart of battle!

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