Nvidia Pascal GTX Graphics Cards Might Have Battlefield 5 Showcase

The Nvidia Pascal GTX 1080 and 1070 graphic cards will be releasing on May 6, according to an Nvidia announcement over the past weekend. Now, something has come to light that may persuade PC players to buy the new cards if they want to play their favorite shooters: the graphics cards will include a Battlefield 5 showcase that will become available in June.

This news is good for a number of reasons, even those that aren’t related to the Nvidia Pascal GTX. It brings up that Battlefield 5 will most likely be announced at this year’s E3, if the showcase will truly be popping up on Nvidia Pascal GTX cards in June. The game is already scheduled to have its first look coming this Friday (May 6, what a coincidence) and has been confirmed for release later this year, so the recently-announced Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will have a good bit of competition in the holidays.

With the new graphics cards, PC players will likely be able to see Battlefield 5 in all of its glory, and with the cards they’ll likely be able to play it with full specs, if their computers are good enough for it (which any good PC player would ensure).

When Friday roles around, the first two variants of the Nvidia Pascal GTX cards will be releasing in the 1080 and 1070 variants. The 1080 version will be available for $599, while the 1070 will be available for $449. The 1060 variant of the cards will be available later this year, at $329. These cards will allow PC gamers to get more performance than similar brands, such as the Maxwell GTX 900 series of graphics cards.

However, the Pascal series might have some competition in the form of the Polaris series of graphics cards, which will be put out by AMD. So we’ll just have to be watchful for how Pascal and Polaris match up when they both finally come out this year.