Mass Effect Andromeda Protagonist Feels “Fresh and Unique”

By   /   May 2, 2016
mass effect andromeda release date

If you’re worried about the Mass Effect Andromeda protagonist not being able to live up to the expectations set by Shepard, then you don’t need to worry, according to the folks at Bioware. From what they say, the new guy/girl is fresh and unique and should have no trouble filling Shepard’s shoes.

With the end of the first Mass Effect trilogy and the completely different setting of this game, our Shepard has apparently [Spoiler Alert] chosen to stay behind in the Milky Way Galaxy (or died, depending on what ending you chose in the game) and instead our new protagonist is being sent out in their place on a mission to the Andromeda galaxy.

While we don’t really know much about what we’ll be encountering, we do know from the game’s E3 2015 announcement trailer is that we’ll be getting a new version of the Mako from the original Mass Effect, a jetpack, and we’ll have at least one female character and a krogan as part of the cast.

Of course, Bioware is also proud of what will serve as the game’s villains, though they’ll definitely have to be good in order to measure up to the Reapers. Bioware’s previous villain, Corypheus from Dragon Age Inquisition, was somewhat of a letdown to many since he was barely a story presence until the final segment of the main quest, but hopefully they’ll provide a good challenge to the Mass Effect Andromeda protagonist to fight.

Unfortunately, even as more news of the game is leaked out or purposefully released, the recent news that the game has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2017 instead of being available some time this year.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what Bioware releases when they talk about the game at E3 2016 or Gamescom or some other gaming show like that. Hopefully this time, it will be more than a dev diary and will actually show some meat.

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