The Division PvE Area Will Be Renewed to Increase Replayability

By   /   May 2, 2016
the division pve area

Ubisoft Massive, developer of The Division, intends to reinvigorate and add more content to game`s PvE Manhattan, as players complained that there is nothing to do in The Division PvE area after end game and majority have been playing in the Dark zone.

Hamish Bode, community developer at Ubisoft Massive, revealed this morning during the usual live stream for the game that PvE area of Manhattan will be renewed and more content will be added.

After the end game, the huge area of The Division PvE area of Manhattan have not been used by players except for the daily missions and all other side quests are repetitive.

For this Ubisoft Massive are planning to introduce new content to PvE area of ​​Manhattan so that players might come back, although it is not clear whether these changes will come with May update, which will introduce the second raid for The Dvivion.

Recently The Division`s hackers complained to Ubisoft that their are too many hacks and exploits in the game, since another hack script have been widespread which is a aim bot.

Ubisoft have not ignored the issue and have implied a two step detection countermeasure. Those players caught using hacks or exploits will be automatically banned for 14 days, and if they are caught again then those players will be permanently banned from The Division`s online services.

What do you think of Ubisoft reinvigorating PvE area of the Division? Have you find anything interesting to do in PvE Manhattan after the end game? Let us know in the comments.

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