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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition Will Cost $79.99

The official Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer has been revealed. It not only shows the game’s sci-fi setting and space battles but it also gave us the price of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition.

Infinite Warfare Legacy edition is of utmost importance right now because it ships with the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 4 remastered. In the United States, Legacy Edition will cost you $79.99. Meanwhile, Canadians will pay over $100 for the Legacy Edition and $79.99 for the base game that doesn’t include Modern Warfare remastered.

Pre orders for the Legacy Edition will be available later today, most probably after the 10 AM PDT live stream.

The live stream was suppose to provide fans with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare reveal trailer but the footage leaked ahead of official reveal. This forced Infinity Ward’s hand so it┬áposted the full trailer hours before the original plan.

The new COD game will feature space battles, driveable space crafts and a full fledged sci-fi setting. Developers are promising deep storytelling, realism like never before, and improved gameplay mechanics.

Single player footage gave us a look at different space stations as well that can serve as multiplayer maps for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Multiplayer reveal is expected at E3.

The Modern Warfare remaster that ships with Infinite Warfare will feature 10 maps and a single player campaign with enhanced visuals and HD textures.

No gameplay footage from Modern Warfare is posted for the time being but it should come out soon enough, stay tuned for more updates on that.

We will let you know as soon as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition preorders go live across the globe.