Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Announcement Scheduled for Later Today

By   /   May 2, 2016
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Tips

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare announcement is scheduled for later today, according to developer Infinity Ward. The title and its details will first be shared during a live stream before going live elsewhere.

The official Call of Duty Twitch channel will host the reveal event at 10 AM PDT. Infinity Ward will share the first trailer along with first details of the game’s The Legacy Edition as well, which we already confirmed a few days ago.

The highlight of today’s reveal will be Modern Warfare 4 remastered. The game is being bundled with Infinite Warfare and we think we have figured out the reason for bringing back Modern Warfare.

In a video shared by Infinity Ward, one of the developers mentioned that COD has never seen such drastic changes since Modern Warfare and Infinite Warfare will be a new era of storytelling.

Bringing Call of Duty Modern Warfare back will give players a chance to see just how much has changed since then, it won’t just be a rehashed game with the same mechanics.

Unfortunately, every year we see the same speeches about how the game is built from the ground up and how this year will be different but it never is, not since the first Black Ops and Modern Warfare series; will this year be any different? It isn’t in terms of bold claims from developers so let’s see if they can actually deliver a game with promised realism, drastic changes, and a strong story.

Well, love it or hate it but the fact is that COD, even with its shortcomings, is one of the biggest franchises we have today and Infinite Warfare will once again be a major hit, topping sales chart everywhere.

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