Battlefield 5 Reveal is Expected to Blow Fans Away

By   /   May 2, 2016
Battlefield 5 pre-orders

Fans of the Battlefield franchise are getting restless for Battlefield 5 Reveal, and we are almost at that point when DICE will reveal the game. The game right now is referred to as Battlefield 5 and will reveal later this week on May 6 2016.

When a fan twitted about his expectations for Battlefield 5, the developers replied in a tweet that fans will be blown away from the reveal of next Battlefield and they are excited to take wraps off the game they have been working on for so long.

— Battlefield (@Battlefield) April 29, 2016

Personally we want DICE to take Battlefield back to its roots, like set in the world war era or make it more like Bad Company titles.

Pretty soon we will know what they have been working on. Until then you check out 5 changes that Battlefield 5 must have.

It is rumored that Battlefield 5  is going to bring us a female character among the lead characters of the game. This is different (good different, if I might add) since mostly shooter games tend to have a male cast. The game will be set in a new future North America where the politics and the government will be wrestling with a military coup. Also the game will be most technically advanced game built on a Frostbite engine.

Are you excited for Battlefield 5 reveal? What changes are expecting from the game? Let us know in the comments.

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