Battleborn Server Startup Time Officially Revealed

By   /   May 2, 2016

Battleborn will be available tomorrow for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. The developers have announced  Battleborn server startup time, when players will be able to enjoy the game. Right now the game is available for pre-load on Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The announcement  comes from the game’s official website where developers described Battleborn server startup time for different cities.

You can check out the  for different cities below:

Auckland, NZ

  • PS4 and Xbox One: May 3, at 12:00 AM NZST
  •  PC May 3, at 5:00 AM NZST

Sydney, AUS

  •  PS4 and Xbox One May 3, at 12:00 AM AEST
  • PC: 3. Main at 3:00 AM AEST

Hong Kong

  • PS4 May 2, at 11:00 PM HKT
  • Xbox One May 3, at 12:00 AM HKT
  • PC May 3, at 1:00 AM HKT


  • PS4 and Xbox One May 3, at 12:00 AM MSK
  • PC May 3, at 1:00 AM MSK


  • All platforms: May 3 at 12:00 AM CEST


  • PS4 and Xbox One May 3, at 12:00 AM BST
  • PC May 3, at 11:00 PM BST

New York

  • All platforms: May 3rd at 12:00 AM EDT

San Francisco 

  • PS4 and PC May 2, at 9:00 PM PDT
  • Xbox One May 3, at 12:00 AM PDT


  • PS4 and Xbox One: May 19, at 12:00 AM JST
  • PC: May 19, at 2:00 AM JST

Recently Gearbox Software organized an open beta for the game, which was played by 2 million players worldwide. During the beta 1.1 million competitive multiplayer matches were played, players collected 27 billion shards and played 1.4 million story mode episodes.

Battleborn is a first person shooter developed by Gearbox Software. The game offers both single -player and multiplayer modes. Players can either play solo or co-op with up to 5 players in single-player. In multiplayer players will be involved in 5v5 matches. The game offers 25 different characters or heroes to choose from, each with their own unique ability and play style.

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