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Xmod Accepts The Challenge, Supercell Banning Clash Of Clans Accounts

Supercell is banning Clash Of Clans accounts temporarily for two weeks for using 3rd party hacks and cheats.

According to Supercell:

When those 2-weeks are up, any accounts continuing to utilize 3rd party software will be permanently banned. Bans are non-negotiable.

If any of you have installed any third party utilities, uninstall them if you want to keep your Clash of Clans accounts.

Interestingly, the guys behind Xmod. the largest Clash Of Clan cheat, have considered it a challenge and said that they will improve their anti-detection algorithm.

According to Xmod developers:

Sadly worst case scenario happened as last night we received reports of Supercell ban wave.The dev team needs more time to confirm and figure out their new banning mechanism. for Xmodders whose accounts have been lost, we feel deeply sorry. But XMG`s firm has made a decision that we will improve our detection algorithm for our users.

You can also check out the tweet by the modders which explains a temporary work around for the ban and openly challenges Clash Of Clans Devs.

This is like a cat and mouse game in every online game, the developers will figure out how to detect players using cheats and an them and hackers will find out how developers are banning them and the cycle will continue.

Clash Of Clans is a free to play MMO available  for Android and iOS.