Pre Order Nintendo NX for $999, The Legend of Zelda for $120

You can pre order Nintendo NX for $999 right now if you live in Australia, of course it is a place holder price but if NX is even somewhere close to that when things are official, Aussies will need to dig deep in their pockets to get it.

Similar situation is developing with The Legend of Zelda pre orders as well. EB Games has posted a listing for The Legend of Zelda for $120.

pre order Nintendo NX

Prices for both of these products are placeholders so for now Australians have nothing to worry about. However, considering the hike in prices of gaming hardware in AUS, getting a new Nintendo NX will require a decent sum of funds.

Nintendo has confirmed its release window as March 2017 but according to the company we will receive details sometime later this year. We were hoping for information this E3 but Nintendo confirmed that it won’t be showing NX at E3.

Nintendo NX should boost Nintendo’s declining hardware sales and revenues. Profits were down by 61% and Nintendo as a whole made less profits than Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Personally, I believe all Nintendo needs is healthy third party support and NX will do just fine. Hopefully, Nintendo has learned from its mistakes with the Wii U. The biggest hit to Wii U was when devs like EA, Ubisoft, Activision refused to release its major AAA games for it.

Nintendo needs to make sure that doesn’t happen to NX.

What do you think Nintendo needs to do to make NX a worth buying machine?