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Pokemon Sun and Moon May Include a Pokemon Translator

Junichi Masuda, Director of Pokemon Sun and Moon, once showed interest in including a Pokemon Translator in future Pokemon games.

The story comes via a NintendoLife interview back from 2013 so it has less significance now, but it indeed is something interesting.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Translator

Back in 2013, Junichi Masuda was asked whether there were any features that he wanted to put in Pokemon X and Y. In response, Masuda stated that he wanted to include a Pokemon Translator for Pokemon cries – with text underneath telling players all they need to know about Pokemon cries:

“But one thing that I wanted to put in that didn’t quite make it was a translating machine for Pokemon cries, to find out what they’re saying. So you have this machine, and when a Pokemon cries out something, text would appear telling you exactly what that Pokemon is saying.”

The reason why the idea never got implemented was because it required a lot of time with over 600 Pokemon. However, Masuda stated that Pokemon Translator was something that might appear in the future games:

“Yes, I really wanted to put that in, but then thinking about the amount of text that we would have to include, with now over 600 Pokemon, it would be a really big task. This could be something that might appear in future games, but it sadly didn’t make X and Y.”

Although it is a long shot, but with Pokemon Sun and Moon on the horizon, it would be interesting to see Pokemon Translator in the game.

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Source: NintendoLife.