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New GTA 5 Online Mode “In and Out” is This Week’s Event

Rockstar Games has announced the weekly GTA 5 online mode for this week’s multiplayer event, which will show off the “In and Out” gametype. The gametype will come with a double RP and double money week to incentivize you into playing that gametype, which will come out on May 3, at the tail end of the week.

“In and Out” is a mode that serves a version of “Capture the Flag,” where one team of Attackers must capture a series of eight different packages from well-armed Defenders to win. To help both teams, in addition to the double RP and money rewards, you will also get discounts off of grenades, sticky bombs, assault rifle add-ons, machine guns, and submachine gun ammunition.

In and Out is also one of the games where teamwork will be the most vital, as whoever is running to get the package will need good covering fire from their teammates if they’re going to get the package back to their own area. It’s a lot like the previous new game mode, Inch by Inch, where you did the same thing, only you were trying to get the package into the enemy zone to make it explode.

At the same time, if teammwork isn’t your game, you can still play gametypes that you can have fun in individually, such as Hasta La Vista and Every Bullet Counts, or you can pair up with just one teammate and trust them t defend you while you race for the finish in Offense Defense.

Unfortunately another vehicle mode that came out recently, Rhino Hunt, will apparently not be part of the event.

Today, April 29, and tomorrow, players will be able to access Adversary Mode Playlist 1, which includes the gametypes Hunting Pack, Relay, and Offense Defense. Sunday and Monday, May 1 and May 2, will be Adversary Mode Playlist 2, and will feature Hasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts, and Keep The Pace.

The third and final Adversary Mode Playlist will run from May 3 to May 5, and will feature all 3 available maps for the new GTA 5 Online mode In and Out.

The event starts today and runs until next Thursday, so if you were looking forward to getting some extra cash and RP you’d best get moving now!