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iZombie Characters Are Now in Diablo 3

If you’re a fan of the CW horror-comedy show iZombie and also a fan of Blizzard’s Diablo 3, you’ll soon have the best of both worlds with the game’s latest update, patch 2.4.1. Two of the main characters, Ravi Chakrabarti and Liv Moore, are now in the game.

Encountering them is relatively simple; As you make your way through areas in New Tristram, Ravi will be a notable enemy called Ravi Lilywhite, and is subtitled as a “Passionate Player.” After you smash him into rotting, gooey chunks, you’ll be able to get a zombie version of Liv Moore as a pet zombie that follows you around but will unfortunately do little else, as she’s not a pet you can summon via an ability.

If you want to get Liv out to follow you around, simply access your Wardrobe after killing Ravi and she’ll be there for you to pull out like a rabbit out of a hat.

iZombie, which is the story of Liv Moore using her zombified body to absorb memories and abilities from people whose brains she consumes, just wrapped up its second season on CW a few weeks ago, so the iZombie characters apparently needed a new home until the show can start season 3, which will be with your Nephilim until further notice. With luck she won’t need to eat your brain if you die.

And if you think that the actors of the iZombie characters in question might not like their characters being killable, you don’t have to worry. Rahul Kohli, who plays Ravi, and Robert Buckley, who plays Liv’s ex-boyfriend Major, are both cool with it.

Both characters will unfortunately only be visible on the PC version of Diablo 3, as the Wardrobe that Liv comes out of after you kill Ravi is not available on the console versions of the game, but there’s never been a better time to play it because until you hit level 70, it’s free!