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DOOM Easter Eggs Reveal Classic DOOM 2 Maps

Bethesda recently released DOOM 2016 gameplay video with developer commentary, and the first easter egg has already been found in the upcoming first person shooter. There are hidden doors in each level of single player campaign which can be opened by activating hidden switches and these doors will take you to the beginning of DOOM series. Behind the hidden doors are the beloved and classic DOOM and DOOM 2 maps.

These retro levels in DOOM represent only small portions of the classic levels filled with enemies and small rooms. Once players have found all of these hidden levels, a special game mode option will appear on the main menu which will let you play complete classic DOOM and DOOM 2 maps.

Once you find a hidden map and come back after exploring it you will see the evolution of DOOM when you transition from classic maps to DOOM 2016, it might even make you teary if you are a long time hardcore fan.

ID Software recently organized a open beta for DOOM and it got mixed reviews, even some said that the MP open beta is not DOOM but a love child of Halo and Call of Duty which is sad to hear because DOOM is a very hyped game and their might be a chance that ID Software might not fulfill fan’s expectations.

Doom releases on May 13 for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4.